Friday, July 16, 2010

Unhelpful Help Pages

I'm just annoyed. Annoyed is what I am. I even posted my 'Annoyed Face' photo. I was trying to link my Optus billing to the 'my account' section so that I can view my bills online instead of wasting paper being sent to my house. Which doesn't really make sense to me, because should I link my bills to my account so I can be see my own bills? I must admit that is just a bit of a fail on upper management thinking... Anyways I entered all the information they needed and it failed for whatever reason. So eventually I needed up going to the Help Centre that the website sports and it explained how to do all the linking and so forth, which was not helpful and this is the reason. I had already watched a tutorial on how to link all the linking bits and the Help Centre repeated exactly what what the video said. And on top of the there was no FAQ for me to look up. In the end I had to go the Contact Us page and enter a complaint, because I can't link my bills to my account and because I can't link my bills, I can't view my bills and I can't view my bills because they can't be linked to my account... It just goes around in an endless circle and it is all quite exhausting.